Dr.Linda Matz, Missoula Chiropractor

Dr. Linda Matz, Missoula ChiropractorDr. Linda Matz has practiced chiropractic for over 20 years. She has advanced training in the Gillespie Approach (Craniosacral facial Release) for infants and children. She has seen great results with colic, acid reflux, and, ADD, ADHD, latching issues, head shape, and delayed development.

Dr. Linda also completed extensive postgraduate training in the Blair Upper Cervical and Nimmo Receptor (Trigger point) Techniques in 1994. She works with patients of all ages and sizes with acute and chronic pain.

Dr. Linda enjoys spending time with her three children. You can find her cheering on the Missoula Striker soccer games almost every weekend or at another event for one of her children.